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SBCL 1.5.3 released

The Release Announcement can be found here.

Some of the new goodies (from the ChangeLog) are:

  • platform support:
    • RISC-V: numerous bug fixes and improvements
    • all platforms: better run-program performance when used from multiple threads.
  • enhancement: (declaim (optimize (debug 2))) ensures compilation of top-level forms, providing better debugging for simple forms that are otherwise "byte-code interpreted" when compiled into FASLs.
  • bug fix: use of finalizers could in rare circumstances cause a crash in the garbage collector.
  • bug fix: show extended function designators, e.g. (setf foo), in the disassembler
  • optimization: reduced overhead of calling NTH/NTHCDR.
  • optimization: improved FLOAT-SIGN on DOUBLE-FLOATs on 64-bit platforms

More excellent work from, particularly, Stas Boukarev and Douglas Katzman to continue cleaning up the guts of SBCL and to, once again, trim the core size by another megabyte or two.